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$200 Loan with Bad Credit | Borrow $200 Online

Borrow $200 with bad credit and get a financial solution fast. Direct lenders standing by to process your application and hopefully make you a 200 dollar loan offer. These are 200 dollar installment loans, not bad credit $200 payday loans, you have several months to repay the borrowed funds.

How can I get a $200 loan?

You can apply with PoorCredit.org and our direct lenders will attempt to get you approved, Our 200 dollar loan lenders do not check your FICO credit score and do not consider the big 3 credit bureaus when assessing your application. They may review an industry specific report that details your past personal loan transactions. Also, your application will not show upon your FICO credit report.

What is the easiest way to borrow $200 to get with bad credit?

Bad or poor credit is a term usually reserved for people who have a 600 credit score or lower. Above a 700 credit score is considered pretty good and anything above 750 is very good. If you have had some financial trouble in the past that reflect poorly on your credit score, we may still be able to help you get approved for a small $200 loan.

Our lenders are more concerned with your ability to repay the $$200 personal loan. An online line is about the easiest poor credit loan option you will find outside of asking a family member for some cash.

Is this a 200 dollar payday loan?

Financing that goes through our network of lenders is usually in the form of an installment loan and is not a payday loan. So what is the difference? A $200 installment loan gives you more time to repay the borrowed money compared to a 200 dollar payday loan that is usually due in full on your next payday.

Can I get pre-approved for a 200 Dollar Loan?

The only way the direct lenders can accurately assess you for creditworthiness is by having you complete an application. There really is not pre-approval process. The application is as short as possible to make it fast and convenient.

How does the 200 loan process work?

Once you complete an application we attempt to match your application with a professional lender that specializes in applications like yours. Completing an application with us is like completing 200 applications on other websites. If we can match you with a lender, you will receive a $200 personal installment loan offer even with poor credit. At this point, you can review the loan offer and the terms and conditions. Decide if you wish to accept the agreement.

Compare monthly payments and interest rates

If you accept the loan agreement, the funds will be sent direct to your bank account based on the terms of the lender. Be sure you are aware of, and comfortable with the loan payments and interest rate. All lenders have different terms and APRs (Annual Percentage Rate).

What is required to get a $200 loan?

In order to be considered for a $200 loan:

  1. Must be 18 years old.
  2. Must have an open and active checking account.
  3. Must have a solid monthly income.
  4. Must have a residential address.

The more money you make and the longer you have had your job, will be contributing factors determining how much you can borrow. Also where you live can play a major part in the $200 loan approval. Some states prohibit short term loans.

Reasons people need short term credit and borrow $200

Short term loans are actually much more popular than you might think. Some people borrow $200 because they are short the money and other people borrow money just because they do not want to touch the money in their savings accounts. Every one has different reasons for a short term loan. Here are a few of the most common. Learn trick to balance your monthly budget.

  • School Shopping - Many parents get $200 payday loans personal loans when their kids start school. Seems like school supplies seem to cost a couple hundred dollars.
  • Weekend Trip - Whether you are taking your sweetheart out of town or your kids are playing sports on the other side of the state. A couple hundred bucks can come in really handy.
  • Veterinarian Bill - Your dog ate some meat off your dinner plate, unfortunately the fork was still in the meat. A quick trip to the vet and there goes $200 bucks.
  • Holidays - Whether you are buying gifts for Christmas or filling the fridge for all your relatives, small loans can be helpful.


What are the best options for a $200 loan with bad credit?

When people think about borrowing a small amount of money they usually always turn to short term loans. It just isn't worth the hassle to go to a bank and deal with their loan officer, especially if you have poor credit. Short term loans are almost always most expensive but they are also easier to qualify for and more convenient. Here are a few options you should know about in no particular order.

  1. $200 Personal Loans - Also called signature loans. Many online lenders offer these loans and you usually make the payments with installments that are due each month. Most personal loan companies do not check your credit score. You should expect higher interest rates, again because of the higher risk associated with these loans. View Online Lenders
  2. Payday Advance Loans - You can also find $200 payday loans online or at a local store depending which state you live in. This is probably your most expensive option and will be due the soonest, on your next payday.
  3. Credit Card Advance - You may be able to use your credit card to get a cash advance. Expect to pay a higher fee for this service than your normal credit card APR.
  4. Pawnbrokers - Always a quick and easy way to put a couple hundred bucks in your pocket. If you need to borrow $200 asap just take an item into the store and borrow against the items value. No credit checks and no waiting around for a decision.

What Is a poor credit score?

A poor credit is anything under a 600 credit score. The good news is that most companies offering small loans in the two hundred range are not that concerned with your actual credit score and it likely will not be part of their decision to loan to you. However, a poor credit score will, at some point, be a problem and cost you some money. You should take steps to start improving your credit so it doesn't hurt you in the future.

How can I get a $200 loan really fast?

It is easier than ever to get a $200 loan when you use your smart phone or a computer. It used to cost more money running around town looking for a loan place that it was worth. If you need a small amount of money, it was almost a joke. Now you just click a few buttons on your tablet and money shows up in your checking account on the next business day.

Which lender should I choose when I borrow $200?

When looking for $200 short term loans first you want to look at the reputation of the company you are dealing with. Some lenders work well with consumer and others seem to be more interested in your money. In most cases the fees or interest are not going to be that different from lender to lender. So choose the one that makes your life easier and the experience better. You can choose an online direct lender or a local brick and mortar. Online lenders are making a big move as the most popular option. Mainly just because it's easier and required less run around and human interaction.

State Regulations

Regulations on short term loans are governed at the state level. Some states have very strict regulations that make if very difficult to find a lender and other states put very few regulations in place. Your state should have a website where you can research the regulations and also where you can submit complaints if you feel a lender has not treated you correctly. Remember to read all terms and conditions on any documents lenders ask you to sign. Loan applications should not be taken lightly or the loan payment schedules.


Do your homework before borrowing money and the whole experience should be positive. Remember, you will likely pay a higher APR for a $200 loan if you have poor credit than compared to a loans that have collateral like a car title loan or a home equity loan. Good luck and we wish you a happy financial life.

$200 Personal Loan Cost Schedule | Bad Credit

Example schedule for a $200 personal loan with a 12.25% interest rate over 5 years for bad credit borrowers.

How much will a $200 personal loan cost?

At 12.25% interest and 5 years of payments, the total interest will be $68.50.

How much are the payments on a $200 personal loan?

In this example with 5 years to make payments, the $200 principal amount and a 12.25% interest rate, the payment will be $4.47 per month.

How much is the total interest and principal?

In this example, the total interest plus principal amount paid will be $268.50, if you follow this bad credit loan schedule.

Example Loan Amount: $200

Example Annual Interest Rate: 12.25%

Example Loan Length: 5 Years Paid Monthly

Total Number of Payments: 60

Use our Bad Credit Loan Calculator to View Similar Loan Schedules, Interest Rates, or Timeframes


Can I borrow $200 Online?

You can apply from your smartphone or your computer and have an answer in just seconds. In order to make good financial decisions you must have the most up to date financial information. Yes, you can borrow $200 online with your iPhone, Samsung, or computer.

Can I Still get a $200 Loan with Bad Credit?

Bad credit will not be a determining factor with your application. If you have a full time job and do not have multiple short term loans open at the same time, you have a good chance of being approved for a $200 loan even with poor credit.

How Long Does it Take to Get a 200 Dollar Loan?

You will know in just moments if you have been approved for the 200 dollar loan. Our loan network is one of the largest in the nation. We will work hard to get you approved for the financing your need. Work with us and see if we can get you approved.

Will a $200 Short Term Loan Hurt my Credit Score?

Your loan application for $200 will not hurt your credit score. The only reason your credit would ever be effected is if you receive the loan and do not make the scheduled payments. 

$210  | $220  | $230  | $240  | $250  | $260  | $270  | $280

Poor Credit $200 Loan Amortization Schedule

Disclaimer: This is an example of a loan amortization schedule. Not an advertisement or offer for a specific loan, This is not a solicitation for a loan amount, interest rate or timeframe. No guarantees that you will receive a similar loan offer or accuracy of the numbers on this page. Many of these examples are not realistic financing options. Calculations and rounding may cause the numbers round incorrectly. You can apply for a loan on our website, we will attempt to match you with a lender. If a lender makes you a loan offer, you can choose to accept or decline the offer. We may receive compensation for your loan application. Please use credit responsibly.

Material Disclaimer:

By using poorcredit.org you agree to all of our terms and condition and privacy policy, see below. We make no attempt to solicit financial products. We are a publisher and not a lender or financial advisor.
All loan terms are between you and the lender that may offer you short term credit. We have no access to the interest rate, loan duration, payment amounts, or annual percentage rate (APR). Not all lenders are able to offer you the amount you request. Annual percentage rate may be dictated by the laws of the state where you reside. This may limit your ability to access credit. All lending decisions are made by lenders, not us. Read all terms and conditions provided by the lender prior to accepting a legally binding loan agreement. 
Short term credit is not a long term financial solution. It should only be use in an emergency until a less expensive option is available. Void where prohibited. 
We receive compensation from lenders for providing your information in an attempt to help you get a funded by one of these lenders. We make no guarantee you will receive the amount you request on your application or that you will receive any loan offer with specific terms. Everything on our website should be considered an advertisement that we may be compensated for.
Our website uses cookies track consumers as they visit our website with a time, date, IP Address stamp.
Most of the lenders in our network do not use a typical credit check, meaning with the 3 main credit bureaus. They may review an personal loan industry specific report such as DataX or Teletrack.
Services on our website are free to use. You will not be charged to submit an application. Installment loans and payday loans should be use only as a temporary solution.
Must be 18 years old to apply and be a full time citizen of the United States.
If you have any complaints about a lender you can contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) at:
Mail a complaint
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
PO Box 2900
Clinton, IA 52733-2900
or call: (855) 411-2372

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